Artist Feature: Young Ash

Young Ash
Artist Feature: Young Ash

Young Ash

We are happy to have the chance to work with Broward County rapper, Young Ash. Every line oozes with ambition, every word from the heart. She’s hungry for the top and shows it in every song. In the song below, “Nobody f**ckin With Me” she goes ham and really breaks down why she’s better than the rest. Lines like “…That’s the way it goes, Niggas steady sellin souls/ little do they know dat Y.A. boutta run the show” show her confidence and how she’s better than whoever’s doing it.

Y.A. got into the rap game because she always had a passion for hip hop and she loves everything about it. The way she can express her feelings and thoughts through her rhymes and sound is something she finds beautiful. She also adds on that “there is no right or wrong in hip hop, you just do you.” and we agree with her. She does her every track and her uniqueness is definitely a quality everyone should appreciate.

Young Ash’s favorite rappers in the game are Nicki Minaj, Tupac, Meek Mill and Broward’s very own, Ace Hood. She wants to be able to make lanes in the game and inspire anyone who has a dream to chase their dreams and not let anyone stop them. She believes if one works hard enough, they’ll be able to achieve anything they put their mind to

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