Artist Feature: Yung Colby

Yung Colby
Artist Feature: Yung Colby

Artist Feature: Yung Colby

Texas rapper Yung Colby comes at us hard with the dirty south sound that Texas is known for. With bangin’ beats and that country and ridin hooks. Yung Colby can make a funk that you can play out your box chevy and be heard from two blocks away. In the song above “Pull up” he snaps talking about how those around him aren’t about the lives they’re talking, the hook “Pull up on a fuck nigga if he actin hard” is something that everyone would enjoy. Yung Colby has the talent to make many hits like “Pull up”.

Yung Colby’s biggest inspiration is his mom, her work ethic drives him to do the same with his music. Seeing his cousin and his ambition for the game also drove him to start creating. Being surrounded by music his whole life, he started just making beats. Seeing Soulja Boy and his story inspired him to start rapping over them, and continued to take it from there.

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