Ash Riser – Ghosts LP Album

Ash Riser - Ghosts
Ash Riser – Ghosts LP Album

Ash Riser – Ghosts LP

(July 7, 2017 – Los Angeles, CA) – The moment of truth is here for Ash Riser, as he releases his debut full-length album, Ghosts. Consisting of 14 songs, 9 features including Left Brain & Mike G of Odd Future, plus 3 skits, this project showcases the wide scale of Riser’s raw talent as a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Pulling inspiration from his long time idols Gorillaz and Jimi Hendrix, he combines elements of Rock, such as the electric guitar solos and riffs you hear in “Hell’s Waiting Room” and “Take Me To Your Leader”, and Hip Hop, Gospel and Post Rock to a unique and true sound that reflects Riser perfectly. Riser expresses himself best through music, which is apparent throughout Ghosts, as Riser wrote every song on the album, speaking his truth with each note and lyric. Surrounded by his friends in his DTLA loft, Riser consumed himself with music and breathed life into this project, but not without some hardships on the journey. In the end, Riser came out on top and with this, he delivers an emotional and transparent project to his fans. Ghosts is Riser at his most vulnerable and honest.

Special Remarks:

“Ghosts is something really special to me. The album that could have been lost forever, not just once but twice, and against all odds, still made it to the light of day. I made this entire LP at my old loft, just outside of the fashion district in Los Angeles. It was going to be a “bedroom album” that was the entire plan. Originally the album was going to be called, “And the Villains Keep Winning,” but when it came time to start releasing the album, I wanted to get away from the negative stigma behind “A.T.V.K.W.” so we threw some words around. The song “Ghosts” was the last song I wrote for the album, and personally one of my favorites. I made it while living by USC, reflecting on the time I spent in the loft with everyone. That nostalgia was what had pushed the sound of the project to where it is, and I feel like naturally, that song summed up the entire collection in one word. The album was then renamed, Ghosts” – Ash Riser

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