Beyonce Being Sued For “Lemonade” Album Was Based Off Short Film

beyonce being sued for "lemonade" album was based off short film
Beyonce Being Sued For “Lemonade” Album Was Based Off Short Film

According to a filmmaker, Queen B may have stolen some of her material in her newest album from a 2014 short film “Palinoia”. Matthew Fulks is suing Beyonce and her record label, in the suit; he says his project also depicted a “tumultuous relationship.”

Must of his problem is with the first 39 seconds of the “Lemonade” trailer which he claims features way too many similar images to his movie. Some of his examples include characters in front of graffiti covered walls, red tinted images, and dimly lit wide shots of parking garages.

Fulks says a Senior VP at Columbia Music, Bey’s label saw his movie some time in 2015 which is around the same time “Lemonade” started filming at the end of 2015.

The Lemonade trailer and Palinoia short film are down below make your own inference and leave it in the comments:

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