Childish Gambino releases new album, “Awaken, My Love!”

Childish Gambino releases new album, “Awaken, My Love!”

To contribute to the possibly the best first week of December to ever hit the rap game, Childish Gambino releases “Awaken, My Love!”.

This is not a rap album.

This guy is actually a music/acting/comedian/directing genius.

In my brief experience with the album, this album has one of those To Pimp a Butterfly effects to it. There’s either a very strong attraction or a deep hatred.

The musical orchestration is beautifully done and there’s a variable and unique tracklist. Every song is a different ride. He can transition from neo-soul, to psychedelic funk, to jazzy sounds perfectly. Giving the effect of a diverse yet united project. Tracks like “Have Some Love” and “Riot” contain an upbeat, fast pace one can move to. While others like “Redbone” and “Baby Boy” are soulful songs one can sit back and snap their fingers to with incense burning in the background.

The downside to such a diverse album is that it is going to be rather difficult to like every track on it. I’d go as far to say that unless one truly love music in all its art forms, there’s going to be more than a couple tracks one doesn’t like.

Despite this, the album has received generally positive reviews from the critics, garnering an average score of 80% on metacritic.

Nonetheless, the album is well worth the listen. Some people will hate it, some people will love it. But it definitely is masterfully made, creative, and a nice roller coaster your ears will love to ride.

Let us know what you think about the album in the comments down below.

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