Floyd Mayweather Donates 10,000 To Family Dance Group

Floyd mayweather donates 10,000 to
Floyd Mayweather Donates 10,000 To Family Dance Group

Floyd Mayweather just came through big time for a seriously talented family of break dancers in desperate need of cash by donating $10,000 to help them make it big.
The dance group is called “The Finest Family” made up of 6 siblings from Chicago led by their dad, Henry.

They’re amazing dancers but they’ve struggled financially for years. Sources at TMZ Sports have reported saying the family spent 6 months living out of their van in Chicago.

That was before Floyd came into the picture roughly 4 years ago saw them dance, became an instant fan and vowed to be a mentor for life. Since then they’ve been featured on shows like “Steve Harvey.”

Earlier this month the family was in serious need of cash, Mayweather contacted the crew and flew them out to Vegas to check in. On the trip Mayweather generously pulled out $10,000 cash and gave it to the family telling them, “Whatever you need, let me know.”
Floyd has been a blessing to the family as the farther Henry mentioned “He’s been a blessing,” Henry said of Floyd … “He’s amazing.”


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