Freestyle Thoughts: Big Fish Theory

Freestyle Thoughts
Freestyle Thoughts: Big Fish Theory

Big Fish Theory

 I’ve been following Vince Staples since 2013 when he dropped his verses on ‘Doris’. I liked how trill he was about his music, very straightforward, not too much fluff going on, it sounds like he’s TELLING me what he’s doing. Grim stories and even darker emotions have always captured my ear, but Vince does it in a way that nobody else does.

I been fucked since my early days
I been stuck in my worldly ways
Propaganda, press pan the camera
Please don’t look at me in my face
Everybody might see my pain

There’s not many who speak about things like this in this way, removing the barrier between the artist and the listener. Sounds like he’s in front of you talking to you, and he’s always like this.

Big Fish Theory takes it another step with his sound, the production. Verses, intros and outros by Kilo Kish(FANTASTIC PERFORMANCE BY HER, 11/10), he has a chorus by Juicy J, a Temptations sample, Gorillaz singer Damon Albarn, An amazing Amy Winehouse intro, Ty Dolla with the wonderful Rain Come Down vocals. Its a very diverse and genre-transcending album. Along with his flow and lyricism, he conveys his message across perfectly.

But what I REALLY took from the album is the thoughts and feelings of a young man from the hood transitioning into success. This isn’t a feeling that’s exclusive to Vince Staples’, but I just like the way he explains it. Ironically enough, the general audience of rap isn’t from the hood, so they don’t really hear the music and DEFINITELY don’t understand it. But it’s a lot to abandon not only your home and friends, but your entire mindset and thinking patterns that was formed for survival(they don’t hear me).

In “Smile” From Prima Donna he says:

I know they wanna see me fall, I know they fraudulent, I know
I know they hoping that it’s right back to the ghettos I go
I know my pigment is not that of a businessmen
I know they think I’m ignorant I’m fucking up my privilege
I know that money come and go so money not my motive no mo’
I made enough to know Ill never make enough for my soul
I turned my back on my friends
I turned my back on my home
I left the street where I’ve grown
To chase the yellow brick road
I heard they paved it with gold I turned around and seen they pissed on it
Just like me
But that’s alright because my soul burning please set me free
I hope to see you in another life times mines just not for me
Can’t you see?

And he expands on this in “Big Fish”:

It’s funny I was going crazy not too long ago
Women problems every morning like the Maury show
Swimming upstream while I’m tryna keep my bread
From the sharks make me wanna put the hammer to my head

Nice bars right?

He’s really talking about suicide.

But nonetheless, a great tape.

Favorite Tracks: Ramona Park Is Yankee Stadium- This is a bone chilling track.

Alyssa Interlude- Another bone chilling track

All of them really.

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