Artist Feature: Jasmine Max

Jasmine Max
Artist Feature: Jasmine Max

Jasmine Max

We have been blessed with the opportunity to work with Jasmine Max, producer hailing from Carol City, Miami. Creatively mixing a slew of instruments into melodies that are almost impossible for me to accurately describe. Versatile with the sound, Jasmine can make a beat that can be in a 90s Sonic the Hedgehog soundtrack and can also make a bass bangin’ trap beat and both of them will be fire. We love her music, you will too.

Ever since a young one Jasmine has loved music. Most musical artists have an outside influence that drew them in to loving music, but she just loved the music in itself. Her love for listening to music sparked a creative surge that turned into making her own, then she began to DJ and write and eventually produce the dope beats we hear today.

At the beginning, when making her music she just winged it, making whatever sounded good to her. However, since she has grown as an artist and producer, she takes time to approach the music in a process. Since, she describes her creative process as ” …going with what I hear in my head is apart of the process. I notice that sometimes I start with the melodies or sometimes I start with the drums. Always try to get a good output.”

Jasmine Max has many inspirations when it comes to music. She’s inspired by God’s word first and foremost and just music itself after that. She is truly invested and intrigued by all the beautiful ways music can sound. She likes trying new things and broadening her horizons, reaching new heights with her music. “Its like if I can feel a groove I like it.. if it moves me or sounds good to my ears <3”

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