Jin Gates-Best Out Here

Jin Gates
Jin Gates-Best Out Here


Jin Gates-Best Out Here

Hailing from the East Coast, but with a heavy West Coast sound, Jin is not only a rhymer with a sick flow, but an entrepreneur with an acuity for fashion and business. His latest video, “Best Out There,” perfectly depicts his over-the-top, showy lifestyle. His lyrics match his lavish swagger, big dreams, and goals, and it is clear he will always come out on top. Jin Gates is a presence not to be ignored. Proving himself to be a trailblazer in today’s thriving street fashion and music community, his musical expertise only enhances his brand. His troubled past has propelled him into succeeding in this industry and it is quite clear in his new video, “Best Out There,” that he is a diamond in the rough- which could be taken quite literally, attributing to the insane amount of bling he garnishes in the video.

“Best Out There” is overflowing with decadence with Jin and his crew cruising in expensive cars, covered in luxurious clothes, and strutting around with gorgeous, scantily-clad women adding to their aesthetic. This worry free song resonant of the rappers of the West Coast we all know and love. Dripping with synths and electronic grooves mixed with Jin Gates’ free-loving, fresh, carefree, sound, all the components for a hot track are present. “Best Out There” conveys a message about rising to the top to become the cream of the crop; and the bounteous lifestyle that comes with it.
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