Kanye Spazzes on Stage, Goes on 17 Minute Rant

kanye spazzes on stage, goes on 17 minute rant
Kanye Spazzes on Stage, Goes on 17 Minute Rant

Kanye being Kanye at its finest.

About a month after his wife, entertainment, and fashion superstar, Kim Kardashian was held gunpoint at her hotel in Paris, Kanye goes postal and rants at several shows about several topics. To run it all down, he kicks off the fiasco with the fact that even if he DID vote, he would’ve voted for Trump. After a 17 minute rant about Trump and his political genius, Kanye rants the very next day about the radio and the celebrity superpowers not doing enough in the rap game to change the mainstream ways of the radio. This was after showing up an hour late and only 2.5 songs into the show. The very next day he goes on to cancel his Saint Pablo tour.


If one knows nothing about me, know that I haven’t liked Kanye’s music since My Beautiful Dark Twisted fantasy and I started to lose flavor with him as a person during his Sway in the morning rant.  Once he dropped Yeezus it was a wrap for me, Kanye lost me as a fan.

Nonetheless, nobody can deny his skill and talent as a rapper. He also has done a couple fashion shows this year and is seeing success with his Yeezy shoe line.

Point being, the guy’s no dummy.

I agree with Kanye on one front, the media and public opinion will censor the blunt and vulgar even though it’s everywhere around us. I also agree that although Trump was perverted, rude, discriminatory, derogatory, every word that can probably describe your boss at work. But he did win.

Should Kanye have ranted for 20 minutes on fan’s paid time? No. Should he have brought up such pro-Trump statements in California, a regularly blue state? Definitely not.

But this is Kanye. His rejection of social norm no matter how crazy it makes him look is admirable.

Kanye may be going through something right now, he willingly checked into the hospital shortly after he cancelled his tour. Rappers and other celebrities have sent out his prayers and tweets to him.

With that, I hope Kanye makes a speedy recovery and we should “let Ye, be Ye.”

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