Kim Kardashian Robbed for $11 million worth of Jewelry

Kim kardashian robbed for $11 million worth of jewelry
Kim Kardashian Robbed for $11 million worth of Jewelry

Kim Kardashian was robbed in her hotel in Paris on October 3rd. Sources state that Kim was alone in her hotel that night when robbers tied her up, imprisoned her in her bathroom, and held her at gunpoint while they took millions of dollars worth of jewels from her hotel room. Among the jewelry taken was her $4.5 million ring, recently gifted to her by her husband and rap music mogul, Kanye West.

Sources state the robbers held the hotel concierge at gunpoint, handcuffing and taking them down. The robbers initially wanted money, but Kim K did not have much cash on her at the moment. Turning to the next best thing, the thieves then asked for jewelry. The ring initially was not on her hand, but on a table nearby. She also gave up a jewelry box when they demanded more than just the ring. Following the heist, the thieves will most likely cut the diamonds down and resell them on the black market, with chances of recovery slim to none. The thieves were likely a part of an organization and would have the tools to make the precious stones unable to be tracked. Kim Kardashian was found on her bed after the whole thing was done, unharmed but traumatized.

Kanye West stopped his show in New York in the middle of performing when he got word of the incident. In a very Kanye-esque fashion, in the middle of his performance he said “Family emergency, we have to stop the show.” and left the venue. While Kanye has his times, it is admirable that after all the lights, glam and Kanye-ism he still puts family first.

The incident shook Kim K pretty badly, driving her away from the social spotlight she is always in. She is recovering well from the incident and will slowly but surely make her return as the fashion superstar everyone looks at her as.

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