Artist Feature: King of August

King of August
Artist Feature: King of August

King Of August

Today we have the pleasure of hosting Connecticut native, King of August. Multifaceted in his art, King of August can make an upbeat, jazzy tune like “Came fo'” above. He can switch it up from the melodic sounds to the bar for bar rappers like he does on “Cocaine 80’s” and snap on both styles. With lots of variety and skill, the audience will never get tired of listening to the King. His creativity shows in his work, making him stand out from the other newer sounds while flowing and spitting lyrics that are dope in every way.

When making his music, King looks for beats first and will write to them. He doesn’t like to have aimless tracks, so he’d prefer to write a song with a concept to it. After he got the sound and lyrics down, King of August will work with his engineer “AETI” to record and get the production right. After a bunch of edits, revisions and reworks, they come out with a complete track for everyone to enjoy.

What made him get into music was battle rapper Cassidy. He loved watching and hearing how he murdered other rappers in freestyles. In high school he dropped a tape and received great reviews. From then on he’s been creating music and loving it every step of the way. His favorite part of music is the shows, he loves when familiar faces and new faces alike enjoy his records. “It’s one of the greatest feelings I get.”

Check out King of August’s tape “Augusto: The Hero’s Journey” here:

King of August- Augusto: The Hero’s Journey

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