Lil Wayne Confirms He’s Working On Dedication 6

Lil Wayne Confirms He’s Working On Dedication 6



DJ Drama reveals that he and Lil Wayne are working on a mixtape. The two of them have released five Dedication mixtapes since 2005.

“It’s coming,” DJ Drama says.

Lil Wayne takes the time to describe how his approach to making mixtapes has changed through the years. The most recent installment of his series with DJ Drama was 2013’s Dedication 5.

“I started no longer wanting Drama to put out only songs I’m doing my own lil remixes to,” the New Orleans rapper says. “I started giving him original music. I started approaching mixtapes as to actually getting a little more recognition than albums. So start paying attention to what you’re doing and how you’re doing it on there, and still doing the same thing. That’s why when you ask me what’s my favorite Dedication, I’m always going to say the last one because I’m trying to get only better than the last shit.”

Further on in the interview, 2 Chainz and DJ Drama assert Lil Wayne’s place as one of the greatest rappers in the game. DJ Drama recalls people criticizing Weezy during the more recent releases of the Dedication tapes

“People was being extra critical and I’m like, ‘Y’all niggas acting like he’s not rapping better than 98 percent of the rest of the Rap game regardless of what beat it is going on,'” he says.

Lil Wayne also states that people don’t challenge themselves in their music anymore, which is why he has remained an elite rapper despite slowing down his output of music.

“They settle for what works and it’s working,” he says. “It works for ’em. That’s why you don’t hear me knockin’ em. You don’t hear me hating, saying this is that or this shouldn’t be or you shouldn’t do this or you shouldn’t do that because it actually works for them. So if it works, it works. I’m a part of a different culture, a different wave of music. That wave was Jay Z, Nas, Biggie. At that time, it was all about being the best. I’m quoted for saying I’m the best rapper alive. Now days, nobody even trying to be the best rapper or the best at anything. They’re just trying to be them and do what the other people say is ok. I’m not a part of that culture and I’m damn sure happy I’m not.”

Watch the video of the interview down below:

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