Quality Control: Control The Streets Vol 1 Rant

Quality Vontrol: Control The Streets Vol. 1
Quality Control: Control The Streets Vol 1 Rant

Quality Control: Control The Streets Vol 1

, Maybach Music-ish move by dropping a label wide THIRTY track tape. At 1 hour and 42 minutes, this is the second longest tape of the year behind Chris Brown’s ridiculously long 50-something track tape. It sounds great in practice; more music to listen to, more for the fans, more money for the artists. But the quantity>quality method leaves much to be desired.

For 30 tracks, I only rated 10 of them a B

For how much Migo music we’ve heard throughout the year, ON TOP of Huncho Jack, Jack huncho ON TOP of Culture 2 that’s going to be coming out, there’s not much different on this tape. Offset has been snappin all year but comes with weaker verses by comparison all throughout the tape. Takeoff performs as per usual, delivering solid verses. Quavo surprised me.

If A Nigga Hatin Call Him… Joe Budden

Quavo’s Breakout Tape

Quavo is known as the Migo with the melodies. He comes with the fire hooks, vocals, and rhythms but his rapping ability has fallen behind compared to his counterparts. On this tape, he breaks out a more personal side of him. His solo songs are some of the best on the tape(Hellcat, South Africa) and he also made some high quality verses on She For Keeps and Bosses Don’t Speak.

“These bitches dangerous gotta watch ’em ’cause they stealing (’cause they stealing)
They want your fame and want your money, want your feelings
All the tears in my grandma’s casket, no more Easter basket
I can’t love no more women, I left my heart in a casket”

-Quavo, South Africa

I listen to rap to hear the artist’s point of view and expressions. On this tape it feels like he put his heart in some of the lines, instead of talking about the usual drugs, cars, clothes and hoes. Although there’s no shortage of that too.

Fantastic Features

Where the Migos lack in flash and pizzazz, the expansive roster makes up for. Names like Gucci Mane, Cardi B, Lil baby, YRN Lingo, Kodak help spruce up the largely repetitive sound of the tape. City girls made their major debut with the Ratchet Anthem of the Year with “Fuck Dat Nigga”. Gucci comes with a smooth flow on “The Load”. I excluded Lil Yachty for a reason. He’s garbage.

Quality Control: Control The Streets Vol 1
The Migo That Saved The Tape-Quavo

Lil Baby

I’ve never heard Lil Baby before this tape but he has talent. Everything he is on is well done, smooth flow with lyrics that can hit. A unique sound that I’ve yet to see anyone mimic. He harmonizes in a way that is pleasing to the air without being droning like say, Lil Yachty.


I admire the move they made, bold and ambitious by doing something nobody ever expected. However I’m a quality over quantity type of guy and this album doesn’t have that much quality. They need a label name change. The repetitiveness is meh, and over the 90 verses there’s probably 9 good ones. I got a couple additions to my playlist though and the artist’s are getting bread so everyone wins.

Notable Tracks:


We The Ones

South Africa



Bosses Don’t Speak – Best song

She For Keeps

Hook Up

Violation Freestyle

Fuck Dat Nigga(I love the ratchets)

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