Rap Buzz: Tired of Rappers and Their Cornball Antics

Rap buzz
Rap Buzz: Tired of Rappers and Their Cornball Antics

Rappers Always Wanna be Tough

As anyone that’s remotely into rap buzz has heard, Soulja boy recently did an interview with DJ Vlad in which he detailed a time where he killed a man that was breaking into his house. It can be found here(I started it midway to get to the meat of the story, feel free to watch the whole thing. Full credits to DJ Vlad.)

I’ve been refraining from writing on Soulja Boy here because I really refused to give him any publicity, but at this point he’s pretty much everywhere, all the time. In the recent month, Soulja boy has been tweeting and recording threats at pretty much everyone.

He told Shia LaBeouf that “You(Shia) could never come to Atlanta,” and that he should “You could never come to the streets in the hood. You could never live my life. You need to stick to acting.” He was on InstaGram going at Yachty saying “We gon kill Yachty.” And he was just going menopausal for Quavo, similar to how an over obsessed spouse chases their ex.

Now I’m all for rap buzz if it means bars. Some of the greatest songs in hip hop history have been born from beef, like 2Pac’s “Hit em up” and Nas’ “Ether”. I’m not, and neither should anyone else, be down for rap beef if it means nothing is happening. Nothing. 

Soulja Boy recorded a couple videos talking trash about how “Bout that life” he is. How tough he is. How he’ll shoot you. How *insert name here* can’t come to Atlanta. Got arrested for having guns because he’s not allowed to. And that’s it. The end of the one sided, childish beef.

What did this accomplish? Soulja boy getting 5 minutes of fame for nothing? Soulja here isn’t the only offender.

21 just went after Tyga’s girl publicly for no reason at all. Then screams “Stop with all that instagram shit, Tyga” at a show, like he didn’t initiate the beef.

For about a year straight Drake went after Meek in any way he could, but ignored Joe Budden’s verses because… fame I guess.

Very few rappers are actually tough

Rap has moved a long way since Death Row Records and 50 Cent eras. When words are exchanged, nobody really has to worry about getting shot(Unless you live in Chicago). A couple words may be thrown, a diss track if we’re lucky, and sooner rather than later everyone will peace it up and move on about their rich lives.

So I don’t understand why all these rich, contracted, working individuals feel compelled to act like they’re still on the streets. They signed multi-million dollar contracts to record companies. They have jobs. There’s no need to act so tough. Nobody in Beverly Hills cares about the gang banging background rappers pride themselves on so highly.


And from a street perspective, if these rappers were really about what they talk about, they’d still be doing it. They wouldn’t be in a show in Dallas performing in front of thousands of people, they’d be robbing people as I type this.

They’d be cooking crack as you read this.

They’d be facing all the court cases from doing all these activities spoken of.

It’s very weird to me that rappers portray themselves living this life outside of their music, yet own $60,000 cars, go to clubs with bottle service with their chauffeurs and instagram famous girls on their arms. Things that people in the hood would never get a chance to do.


Rap Buzz Should Be About Rap, Not Life

Let me elaborate on this. Rappers can put anything in their music, as rap is a form of expression. If one wants to make a song about robbing a house or shooting someone, go ahead. I, personally, believe there’s nothing wrong with negative images in any form of expression. Especially if the person expressing has lived a largely negative life. This is just putting their life experiences in words using the beautiful form that rap is.

This is addressing the life outside of the music. Keep the negativity in the music, not in real life. As an icon and as the grown men that are acting like 14 year olds on the internet there’s no need to prove how tough and gangster you are, especially when you aren’t.

I’m just tired of seeing Soulja Boy everywhere, we need to stop this man.

Leave comments in the section below if you enjoyed this section of rap buzz, Don’t forget to share. Spread more positivity in the world, to uplift, not tear down.

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