Sorioku’s Top 5 Tracks Pt. 1

Top 5 Tracks
Sorioku’s Top 5 Tracks Pt. 1

We thank everyone that has been apart of our Underground Rappers Society and will continue to push upcoming artists on the rise.
I’ve been listening to a lot of our artists in my off time, really getting to soak in and develop some favorites here and there.

Starting February 13th, each day for 10 days Richie and I will be sharing our Top 5 tracks that we personally enjoy listening too.

Tune in everyday at 5 pm est to hear some of our favorite songs from our amazingly talented Underground Society!

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 Top 5 Tracks Feb Edition

5. Rappin CJ-Flow

A nice track with a smooth flow and a couple nice lines. Flow comes in at my 5 spot.

Read more about Rappin CJ Here! Support him by sharing his music on twitter or instagram!

4. Mercy-Blessed

Schoolboy being one of my favorite rappers, she had to come hard on this one and she did. Very powerful track

Read more about Mercy Here! Support her by sharing her music on twitter and instagram!

3. JC Blanco-Rap Ruler

As you can start to see, I value flow highly in my personal preferences and JC Blanco has one of the best we’ve featured, especially on this track.

Read more about JC Blanco Here! Support him by sharing his music on twitter and instagram!

2. J-$oul-Coney Island

This song goes hard. Lyrically, J-$oul is one of the best out of Broward. Coney Island is one of my favorites by him

Listen to more of J-$oul’s work Here! Support him by sharing his music on twitter or instagram

1. Mikey Black-1977

Mikey Black is one of my favorites, twisting words up in extremely interesting and creative ways every track. He earns the top spot for part 1!

Listen to more of Mikey Black’s work here! Support him by sharing his music on twitter and instagram!

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