Sor’s Rant: Hip Hops Influence On Society… Or lack thereof

Hip Hop inluence on society
Sor’s Rant: Hip Hops Influence On Society… Or lack thereof

Quick Disclaimer

Just to get things clear, I am NOT, NOT, NOT a politician. I am not into politics in the least, nor do I care about 99% of the goings-ons in day-to-day government life.

This is the 1%.

Informal Introduction

I’m ‘Sorioku’, I do most of the writing here and on twitter while my good pal and long-time friend ‘Richie’ handles a lot of the infrastructure work and instagram. Together, we created this website to grant underground rappers a platform for their music. We’re not your normal run of the mill “I got fake love showing fake love to me” casual radio listeners, we actually listen to albums n’shit. Wild right?

Nonetheless, anyone that knows me knows that I like rap, introspective, lyrical, bar type rap. Even though I can appreciate the Uzi and 21 Savage occasionally, music with a message behind it is where my heart is. Since the ’97 and ’98 babies came along, we’ve been overcome with a new wave of artists. I wouldn’t exactly call them rappers, so I got creative one day and called them soundcloud rappers. Although there are very talented soundcloud rappers, the ones I’m speaking of are the XXXtentacion’s, Ugly God’s, Famous Dex’s, Playboi Carti, Rich the Kid, Lil Yachty… I can go on for a while.

What does Ugly God have to do with politics? Absolutely nothing, and that’s the issue. Onto the main topic of conversation…

Hip Hop’s Influence On Society

Boom. This is what this is about. Hip Hop’s influence on society. This is about rapper’s and their willingness to speak about topics of importance. I get it, new wave. New sound. New trends, I’m all for growth. If this was 5 years ago, I wouldn’t care if a rapper ignored a debate or didn’t comment on anything politically related.

But 5 years ago Donald Trump wasn’t elected.

This guy is a madman, spewing nonsense like it was a 50 Tyson recital. The man is every big negative word I can think of, misogynistic, narcissistic, borderline racist, insecure, not articulate, can’t even control his own twitter account. Members of his cabinet are talking to Russia, who apparently wants to end us or something.

This is an issue. A real issue. Like, fall of America real.

So I take my time out from my daily scheduled writings to pose one question…

Hip Hops influence on society
Our boolin brother Thugger explicitly dislikes politics


Rap is more popular than EVER. Rap songs are getting #1 song in the country consistently. Soccer moms are dancing to Migos. Skaters background music of choice is rap. EVERYONE IS LISTENING TO RAP. Why do we not hear a song a week talking about this guy’s foolishness? We understand your beat is fire, we get it. We see you have 15 dracos lined up like an armory. We understand you serve every drug that can be bagged.  But rap music is easily the most influential genre of our time. Take time out to say something, educate someone, people will listen!

Wiz came out, everyone was rocking Taylor. Wayne came, the whole hood was filled to the brim with hot boys. New boyz had everyone jerking, everyone is bad and boujee cuz Migos said it, Drake had every girl ‘fancy’. People listen to rappers now!

Hip hop’s influence on society is massive. It’s to the point where if Future made a song called “Advil in Water”, that people would start dusting up advils and sprinkling it into their dasani. Yet the only mention I’ve heard about this fiasco is YG’s “Fuck Donald Trump”, Eminem in “No Favors” and “Campaign Speech”, Ab-Soul in “Straight Crooked” and ironically enough, Kodak just released an extremely surprising video to “Tunnel Vision” which tackled racial issues head first.

For a black dominated genre I would think there’d be more music raging on this guy. Maybe I’m missing it, maybe I’m asking for too much, maybe I’m getting old. Maybe I’m used to the “White America”, “Minority Report” And “Tie my hands” I guess. Rappers using the pen for the power and influence they know they have. Nonetheless, this concludes my rant, just slightly curious as the lack of action that’s going on in this world.

Comment below if you have any. Share with your friends!

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