The CORRECT Way To Listen To Rap, You’ve Been Doing It Wrong

Listen to Rap
The CORRECT Way To Listen To Rap, You’ve Been Doing It Wrong

Listen To Rap, It’s Art

I’ve said it once, I’ll say it as many times as I need to, rap is an art form and form of expression. They’re not just words formed together in fancy fashion, more times than not they are experiences the artist has been through or seen in his or her life. The absolute best artists can get you to live their life even if you may not have. Juicy J can make a run of the mill, square-glasses, briefcase toting accountant feel like a frequent club-goer, smashing multiple dancers while smoking the loudest of loud and drinking the finest of drank. The imagery and details take you into the life, no matter how extravagant, of this individual and gives us insight onto how he/she feels and what he/she does.

This takes artists and brings them down to a ‘human’ level. Rappers are usually just that, rappers. They’re normal people who had to grow up, they have to eat, they experience struggles just like us non-super famous people. HOWEVER, Fans almost don’t consider them as human. To the listener, celebrities are more lke icons and less like humans. We don’t imagine these people to have the same feelings as us. The internet will go on for months and months about Kanye and his wife, relentlessly with ‘Sunken Place’ memes and endless jokes about Kim’s allegedly plastic surgeoned body. While these are nothing but jokes at the end of the day, if we were to go forward and do that same thing to an ordinary interracial couple there might be a full scale revolt. I can come up with a thousand more scenarios, but the point is celebrities and fans have some sort of human disconnection.


To truly understand and appreciate their music you MUST gain some type of insight in their life. In music there are so many personal allusions and things the listener may never understand without getting to know the artist in some way personally. Luckily in 2017 there’s almost infinite amounts of content to get the scoop on virtually any artist. Interviews, Documentaries, vlogs, what have you all give you the thought process and making of the music.

used to HATE Travis Scott’s music. For 1, I never liked Antidote and that was his breakout song. Already started off on a bad note. For 2, His lyrics weren’t as compelling as I’d like them to be(This is also before I started smoking. I’ll get to that later). Later on down the years I picked up Birds again and fucked with it, HEAVY. I learned that the guy doesn’t make music to give life lessons and share immaculate, never-before-heard wisdom like Kendrick, Lupe, Cole, DMX and all the other rapper I love since day 1. Travis Scott is a musical genius to me now, the instrumentation on his songs are masterful. (Have you heard the ends? sdp interlude??? Maaaan. Golden)

Be On Their Vibe

This is a very important part of listening to music for me. If I’m not on the vibe of the artist it’s almost impossible for me to like it. I don’t have to exactly relate to what they’re saying, but I have to at least feel where they are coming from. I feel Kodak cuz I can feel the pain of his homie snitchin’ on him and putting him in jail, even though that’s never happened to me. Same thing with Maxo, Cole, Kendrick, Jay. They’re really good at describing their life to us and when we listen the music is 30x better.

NOT AT ALL ENCOURAGING OR PROMOTING DRUG USE HERE!! But if you smoke, smoking to music is a whole ‘nother vibe and there’s really not much that can replicate the experience. A lot of the artists are on drugs while they make music. A lot of the music is MADE for people on drugs. It’s impossible to gain the full experience sober sometimes. Again, this is a little extra if you just wanna listen to music, but if you don’t have an issue with it the experience is unmatched.

This rule goes 4 times if you’re at a concert.

And most importantly…

Keep An Open Mind

As one should always be in life, keeping in open mind makes everything more fun. Some people mentally constrict themselves before they even hear a song or artist or genre because it’s not what they’re used to or they hear what others have said or whatever not. Life changes, things will change with it. Rap gets a lot of flack on a generational old school vs new school “Back in the day rappers were real men, not these candy eating, fruit haired folks.” vibe. They are so stuck in their past that they cannot accept the future, rap is evolving and changing, but fans and consumers of it often don’t. This is also why rap is a young person’s profession, the rapper grows in life, he’s very successful and doing more and more things. Often times the listeners don’t share the same fate. Shame, it really is.

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