The Grammy’s Suck

The Grammy's
The Grammy’s Suck

The Grammy’s are heralded as one of the biggest musical honors one can receive. America lights itself on fire to decide which artist deserves the “Best _______” award.

Everyone goes out, looking stylish, swaggy, saucy and everything in between.

The winners get called up to say their acceptance speeches, give their thanks and sit back down. This may be repeated multiple times by a winner if s/he wins multiple awards.

In between are some performances and a couple words of their sponsors, yknow the regular degular award show buzz. If you clicked this you probably know what a Grammy is but in the rare case you didn’t, there’s a comprehensive breakdown.

The Grammy's
This the oh so revered piece of shit

Too Bad They Mean Absolutely Nothing

That’s right. The Grammy’s mean nothing. Recognizing an artist for their work seems like a great concept on paper, but let’s look at what’s REALLY going on.

It’s impossible to accurately reward someone for a musical composition, this isn’t sports. There’s far too many factors to actually reward someone based off the music alone. Schoolboy will probably never win a grammy, simply because he isn’t as popular as say, Kendrick Lamar.(Not knocking Kendrick, just an example.)

They assist in dividing what doesn’t need to be divided. Which will leave many artists in the midst between “nominated” and “Not good enough to win”, like say Schoolboy again.

It’s a popularity contest. Big names and big songs, usually funded by big money.

Some years ago they might’ve meant something, but with the widespread importance of the internet in hip hop, they mean less and less every year.

I may be overreacting, but the trophy is less about the music and more about the publicity. That’s all cool but, I like music. Forget the grammy’s.


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