Why is “New School” Hip Hop So Bad?

New school hip hop
Why is “New School” Hip Hop So Bad?

From Old School to New School Hip Hop

Rap is a relatively new genre at just about 50 years old. Starting in the late 1970s, rap has been evolving and everchanging to different trends, sounds and styles. Also having the luck of being born in a rapidly evolving technological era, rap has changed most dramatically in the last 26 years or so.

Production has moved from loud drum beats to 808s to bass heavy bangers. Rap itself changed from chaining words together rapidly to all types of flows and styles, some rappers even sing most of their songs(Ahem, Drake). With this change, there’s ALWAYS, ALWAYS debate. My dad was telling me about how rap was better when he was growing up, now I’m doing the same thing with all the new rap talent coming up.

What is “New School” Hip Hop Anyway?

Well, I’d best define New School Hip Hop as the new wave of rappers coming in from 2016 and up. Blac Youngsta, Kodak, 21, Ugly God, Yachty, Carti, ThouxanbandFauni, Uzi, Chvpo, Famous Dex, Ski mask the like. While I’m genuinely happy that these people that decided to get up, grind and make money, I’m genuinely sad that everytime I scroll through a playlist I might run the risk of hearing a strange guy with colorful dreads barely speak over a fire beat and a horrid sounding bunch of ad libs like “Woah, yeah, okay yuh” repeated over and over until my ears bleed(I don’t like Dex).

Colorful Dreads… All the time

And While they definitely aren’t the only new rappers, they definitely ARE the loudest. Image means a lot in anything life related, and these rappers have a very bold image. Draped in supreme, bape, balenciaga, hermes and a bunch of other brands I have a hard time spelling, they are very energetic and they stand out, which is what many young people want to do and probably why they like them so much. Not to mention they make simplistic music that is appealing to some people, somehow.

The Controversy With New School Hip Hop

This is where things get blurry.

There’s always the very real argument that making music is a way for these entertainers to provide for themselves and their loved ones. Money makes the world go round and they’re making it, Famous Dex already has a net worth of a million dollars. Coming from hoods or impoverished situations, these people are living lives they never would’ve imagined four or five years ago. Economics aside, they really are just doing what they like to do and making music they like to make and there’s nothing really wrong with that.

Do I think it is garbage? Yes. Do I have to listen to it? No.

That’s the greatest thing about life, I don’t have to do anything I don’t want to. There’s PLENTY of other rappers in the world, I don’t have to listen to anybody. Greatest thing about 2017 is that the internet is so advanced I can tailor anything to specifically avoid anything Famous Dex related. Thanks Google.

Now on the flip side of things.

Some of these guys might be a little slighted

With the rise of Social Media in Hip Hop, this leads to a couple bad side effects.

  1. Nowadays, Music is not and cannot be regulated. Some people are releasing 3 or 4 or 5 mixtapes within a year and they’re not exactly the best tracks. With the internet, anyone can be a rapper and release infinite amounts of music, soon signing to a label for use of promotion will be obsolete.
  2. These rappers aren’t very good rappers and make so much music that it crowds the market for other rappers. The upcoming rappers who take time to really master and hone their craft will fall behind.
  3. The consumer also is affected by this. Due to a rush of attention to Uzi, people will begin to rap like Uzi. More rappers like Uzi means more music to sort through. People get tired of sorting through a bunch of fakes, and lower their standards to make the new influx of trash easier to listen to. This also affects the rappers who take time to master their craft because be honest, who really wants to have to use their brain when listening to music? Thus the rappers who previously took time to master their craft will dumb their music down because again, money rules the world and these people will buy into this type of music(Joey Bada$$ is a good example of this). This cycle will continue until the overall quality of rap music is diminished, thus less people taking it seriously and killing it as an art. This may be extreme, but I think this is a very real outcome.
  4. They’re young. Young people are dumb. Blac Youngsta, Kodak, and Ski mask don’t exactly set the best example for your middle schoolers. Especially since EVERYTHING is so easily accessible on social media.
  5. At the end of the day, rap is an art. Art forms are at their height when the artists take time to form and create their best work. It also sort of steps on the toes of the generation of rappers before them who worked so hard to pave the lanes for these young artists. Some put thought into every line of every song and the new school is saying anything and making it. That’s kinda hating though but, nonetheless, hate is a very real emotion.

 My Take On Everything

I don’t think anyone can go as far to say that these young rappers have to “Pay respect” or anything like that but I personally will not be listening to a lot of the music that’s out. Not knocking them, get that paper, they just not getting any of MY paper.

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  • Candidly_tia

    I agree with many of side effects you mentioned . I’m kind of ashamed to say that I have lowered my standards to accommodate the lack of originality that seems to be taking place as far as rap goes. Nowadays ALL of these rappers seem to be walking around with “draco’s with a drum” smh. Shout out to your rant 🔥🔥

    • Sorioku

      Thanks for commenting!

      Yeah the social media wave is really affecting the rap game but there’s still gems out there in the dirt.

  • D-lo Brown

    That’s exactly why I’ve never been & never will be the “Oh I freestyle Everything” guy .. Not that I’m not confident in my ability to come up with clever lines on the spot , but again as you said , it’s an art form .. I’m 1 of the “Every lines was thought out” guys , I never say anything in a track on accident or deliver without preparation ..
    That would be the difference for me , rap is supposed to be about taking complex situations & de-complexing it through complex wordplay or other literary devices ..
    As a rapper I always want to challenge my listeners ..
    To solve a problem you must simplify , that’s what makes a true artist in my opinion ..
    Not dumbing down , but simplifying ..
    To help listeners solve a problem or get a better understanding on my views on the world by me explaining how I solved a problem or gained a better view on life ..

    Dope article Sor , you hit the nail on the hammer woe 🙏

    • My2know

      Thanks bro.

      I basically believe Hip hop and rap shouldn’t have such a “standard” of hip hop like they do. Very ‘destructive’ in nature.

      • D-lo Brown

        Np , ay you should do a write up on that .. I’d like to hear you elaborate on the “standard” & how it can be ‘destructive’

        • My2know

          Uh. I prolly should shouldn’t I.

          That’s a project for the future